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vertical molding line Whether you want to build a green sand or a no-bake foundry, Industrial Project Solutions has the experience to provide you with the most efficient facility. While the green sand molding process is known to be the most economic metal casting operation and could be used for high volume production as well as prototype work, the no-bake casting process is a way to produce medium to low volume high feature detail and fine surface finish, intricate ferrous and nonferrous metal castings. We understand the challenges of the industry and we can help you build a greenfield facility by using new equipment or, in some cases, by relocating and rearranging used molding machine, refurbishing, reconfiguring or upgrading control systems. We have the education and skills to do the following:

casting shake out
  • Scrap Handling Systems
  • Hot Metal Systems (core-less induction furnaces & arc furnaces)
  • Sand Preparation Systems (green sand & no-bake systems)
  • Molding Systems (vertical & horizontal)
  • Core making Systems (hot box or cold box systems)
  • Casting Handling Systems (shake-out, cooling, degating, shot blast)

We optimize the processes to take advantage of the benefits afforded by the metal casting technique you use. All of our systems are equipped with closed caption dust collection systems to comply with current regulatory requirements and the standards of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (“ACGIH”), and to enhance the employees’ quality work environment.