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Frac Sand Drying and Screening Plants

IPS designs and installs state of the art frac sand drying and screening plants to produce a range of proppants. Our dry sand plants are designed to process up to four different proppants continuously. Our production cells process 175 - 200 TPH and are known to have certain unique features, which keep us ahead of our competitors. Our frac sand drying logistics include drying modules:

  • We offer single or dual feed wet sand systems for dual plant configurations. Dual plants have two drying modules and produce 350 - 400 TPH at a max 6% moisture feed.
  • Each drying module has an intelligent moisture control system that ensures that no wet sand (higher than 0.3% moisture) is transferred to the screening tower surge hopper.

Screening of the frac sand plays another important role in increasing its efficiency and performance. Hence, we designed result-oriented and advanced screening plants, which are known for the following technical and operational features:

  • An automatic feed system that maximizes the screener's efficiency and yield.
  • A screened particle automatic distribution sampling system.
  • A closed caption dust collection system used to capture fugitive silica dust fines.

In addition to our frac sand drying and screening plants, our high-quality storage and load-out system provides the following services:

  • The plant storage and load-out system’s design is based on the plant’s transportation needs.
  • The dry sand plant load-out system has the same characteristics as our transload facilities’ load-out systems.
Frac Sand Drying and Screening Plants

We have studied the growing demand for and relevance of frac sand production in the petroleum industry, and we believe in providing world-class services to our clients, keeping their production requirements in mind.