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Frac Sand Resin Coating Plants

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Frac Sand Resin Coating Plants Sand Coating Process

In order to increase the level of performance and efficiency of frac sand, it is important to apply a sand coating process before using the sand for the hydraulic process. Resin coated frac sand is known for its premium quality; hence more and more petroleum producing companies prefer to use it to ensure the efficiency of their products.

When it comes to designing resin coating plants, IPS believes in innovation and architectural supremacy. We understand the varied technological operations involved in the sand coating process; therefore, we design the plants with superior specifications and a state-of-the-art control system.

IPS designs the most advanced resin coating plants in the industry, which are expected to process approximately 20 to 22 TPH per line with a single 2,500 pound batch mixer. We provide the following unique features to accelerate the sand coating process:

  • Patent pending heat recovery system that allows the plant to reduce fuel consumption and optimize the sand temperature control;
  • Patent pending sand heater unique temperature feedback control;
  • Patent pending real-time sand mixer and sand inlet temperature measurement;
  • Patent pending sand flow control system;
  • Dust tight resin unloading and storage system;
  • Accurate mixer and additives addition system (max 2% error);
  • Recipe management system;
  • Mixer and continuous mixer thermal oxidizer emission control system;
  • Closed caption dust collection system;
  • Smart control system that provides critical process information to management and operation staff;
  • Raw sand unloading system with automatic sampling and raw sand product inventory;
  • Finished product rail and truck load-out systems with the same features as our state of the art transload facilities;
  • Ventilation is designed in accordance with American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist (ACGIH) standards to provide a compliant work environment for plant personnel.

While designing the frac sand resin coating plants, we make sure to combine our technical knowledge with operational excellence, which results in an advanced and efficient sand coating process.