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Frac Sand Services

Because of our expertise in the design industry, we have provided specific and relevant frac sand services to our clients. The petroleum industry has especially benefited from our services, as we help them to enhance their frac sand logistics through project management, electrical design and controls, design engineering, the construction and installation of frac sand plants and hydraulic process, and on-site and special frac sand services.

When it comes to choosing a company that provides flawless services in architectural design, the construction of technological specifications, the installation of plants and processing units, the management of projects, industrial design and control systems, look no further than IPS. We are especially appreciated for the seamless execution and result-oriented approach of our frac sand services.

Frac sand logistics involve a few basic and important methods, which start with extracting frac sand from its original source followed by the processes of drying, screening and transloading the raw material to the processing or manufacturing units.

Frac Sand Services


In addition to providing solutions for frac sand logistics, which include designing, building and installing frac sand drying and screening plants, frac sand resin coating plants and proppant transload facilities, we also offer other design and building services, which include the following:

  • High Efficiency Operation (Lower Fuel Consumption & Minimum Personnel Required)
  • High Yield (Maximum Raw Materials Utilization)
  • Production and Raw Material Control and Reporting
  • User Friendly Operator Interface System
  • Easy Equipment Access And Maintenance
  • Remote Real-Time Support

Be it frac sand logistics or any other design requirements, IPS is the one-stop solution for all your designing, building, management and engineering needs.