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Industrial Project Solutions has successfully completed many projects for our industrial clientele. Some of our recent projects include:

  • Ore Crushing and Grinding Facility
  • Greenfield Sand Coating Plant
  • Sand Coating Process Scrubber Installation
  • Sand Plant Stack And Fan Replacement
  • Heat Reclamation System
  • Sand Coating Plant Electrical Design, Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Sand Plant, Power Distribution, Engineering, and Process Control
  • Ethanol And Biomass Concept and Electrical Instrumentation and Controls Project—Project Management
  • Ductile Iron Pipe Run PLC Control Systems Upgrade
  • Break Rotor Greenfield Foundry Sand System, Molding, Casting, Processing, And Dust Collection System
  • Aluminum Foundry Casting De-Coring and Finishing Cell—Electrical and Mechanical Installation
  • Sugar Mill Steel Castings Greenfield Foundry—Loading Study, Concept, General Arrangement Drawings and Capital Project Estimate
  • Roller Mill Control System and Electrical Installation
  • New Green Sand Cooler—Electrical Installation and Start-Up Assistance
  • No-Bake Greenfield Foundry/ Used Molding Machine Relocation, Refurbishment, Re-Configuration, and Control System Upgrade
  • Gray Iron Greenfield Foundry Site Selection In Mexico