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Proppant Transload Facilities

Trans-Load Systems

Every year thousands of tons of frac sand is produced for use in the petroleum industry. Apart from the production and manufacturing process, frac sand transloading also plays an important part in the supply and availability of the raw material for manufacturing units and hydraulic processing plants.

IPS's transload facilities are designed to meet customer-specific needs. These facilities can unload from single spotted cars to unitary trains. They have a user friendly and efficient load-out system that allows for the loading-out of a truck in 4 to 5 minutes, depending on weight restrictions.

Our Trans-Load systems have the following unique features:

Unloading System

Proppant Transload Facilities Trans-Load Systems
  • Unloaded material screening system to prevent all foreign objects from been transferred to the storage silos;
  • Empty belt unloading conveyor alarm system;
  • Closed caption dust collection system to collect fugitive silica dust;
  • Real-time unloading rate;
  • Automatic storage silo selection;
  • Real-time silos inventory management;
  • Minimum personnel required in frac sand transloading

With our exemplary transload facilities, we meet our clients’ business and delivery expectations within the stipulated timeframe and without any manual intervention.

Load-Out System

  • Minimum load-out time (approximately 5 minutes, scale-in/scale-out);
  • Transload facilities, including +/- 1 percent load-out accuracy;
  • Closed caption dust collection system to collect fugitive silica dust;
  • Accurate inventory management system that can be accessed remotely and can interface with third parties' ERP software;
  • Multilane load-out that can accommodate several trucks simultaneously;
  • Custom form print-outs such as BOL, inventory, and reports;
  • Minimum required personnel to run the loading system;
  • Local and remote load-out controls.

We have served several clients with our high-end frac sand transloading business and have won their applause for our seamless transfer of frac sand from its source of origin to the processing plants.